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3rd eye security

Dalip maharaj

Accupuncture Centre East Rand Gauteng

Adega Restuarant

Deevashan Naidoo

Adega Restuarant Umhlanga Durban


Payghost Websites

Best Wheel and Tyre Durban Smith Street

Dr David Reddy

Beyond the Surface Beauty Salon

Biz Leagal

Deevashan Naidoo

Biz Legal

Deevashan Naidoo

Black Dot Shipping

Atish Singh

Black Dot Health

Ateesh Singh

Blight and Clean Chemicals Gauteng

Bodichaba Technology Gauteng


Budget Cotractors and maintenance


Budget Maintenance Contractors


Chinna Naidoo Family

Mr Vishnu Naidoo

Colosseum Dental

Kaven Pather


Durban Dental Studio

Dr Mageshan Naidoo

Durban Smile Dental

EDS Solutions Cape Town

Educating the Nation

Waiters Association

Deevashan Naidoo

Mathematics Association

Vishnu Naidoo

Verulam Optometrist

Shenaaz Asmal

Eye deal Opticals

Shenaaz Asmal

PTATSD Security


Prestige Doors

T.A Marimuthu and Tyran

Pemo Events

PMT Accountants

Hill Top Pre-School

Sandhia Nair

Cbowami Shipping Durban

CTC Auto Centre

Curry Leaf Caterers Phoenix Durban

Durban Function Hire

Rogers Rajah

Durban Function Hire

Rogers Rajah

Emoholo Steel Worx Gauteng


Vish Eraman

ESFB School

Genie Directory Services


Imbumbabiz Group

I Quote Trading



J.M. T. Clear water Revival

Woodstock Landscapes and Nursery

Rogers Rajah

Team Cars


Tony Car Sales


South Side Used Cars


KZN Motor City

Mohamed Aboo

Pro Car Racing

Mike Mc K

Security Zone


Auto Detailing


Springfield Panel & Paint


Harmony Medical Centre

Dr Vedprakash

Anni Dewani

Payghost Websites

The Auto Traders

Payghost Websites

Smart Schools Network

Payghost Schools

My School Hub

Payghost Schools


Payghost Schools

Home Run

Payghost Schools

We Can

Maggies Hair Salon

VIP Driving SChool

Kingdom Studio


Qadiri Foundation


Lance Cherry Financials

Lance Cherry

Grace Terbanacle Church


Timothy Mariappen

Stumani Refractory

Prestige Motors

Alayah Hoosen

Kathak Darpan Dance Studio

Shika Mohanlall

Platinum Consultants

Tax Company

Mala Ebrahim


Aztec Air Conditioning Durban



Addington Primary School- Durban

Arthur Blaxall School for blind and physically impaired Pietermaritzburg

R. P. Moodley School for physically and mentally impaired Durban

Mr Sirkissoon

A.M. Moola Spas Nova School for physically and mentally challenged Phoenix Durban

Mr Anand Appana

Assumptaprimary School Gauteng

Austerville Primary Wentworth Durban

Avoca Primary School Avoca Durban

Mr Kowlwsur

Avoca Secondary School Avoca Durban

Avonford Secondary School

A.Y.S Memorial School Chatsworth Durban

Mr Singh

Bahlebonke Primary School Chatsworth Durban

Betor Christian School Gauteng

Mr Piere

Bhekaphambili Primary School Lamontville Durban

Buffelsdale Secondary Tongaat

Mr Vishnu Naidoo

Collingwoodprimary School Wentworth

Crossmead Primary Chatsworth Durban

Dawn Ridge Primary Chatsworth Durban

Dawnworks Technology Gauteng

Durwest Primary Reservoir Hills Durban

Ekuthuleniprimary Kwa Mashu

Entuthukweni Primary Durban

EsselenHeights Primary Phoenix Durban

Ethan Christian Ace School Gauteng

Fairbreeze Secondary Tongaat

Ferndale Combined School Phoenix Durban

Gardenia Primary

Glenridge Primary School Shallcross Chatsworth.

Grandmore Primary Phoenix

Greenbury Secondary

Greenheights Primary Phoenix

Grove End Secondary

Hambanathi SP School

Haven Park Secondary

Highlands Primary Chatsworth

Hillgrove Primary

Hillview Primary Reservoir Hills

Hopeville Primary Phoenix

Imbaliyethu Primary Lamontville Durban

J G Zuma High SchoolPhoenix

J.L Dube High Kwa Mashu

Other Schools

Durban matric and FET Academy Durban

Kingsword School Chatsworth


Dominion Centre


Family World Vision

Some things you need to know as a website owner

Google’s 200 Ranking Factors 

Google uses over 200 factors in ranking your website. Google will never tell you these factors or their relative importance. The reason for this is that Google changes their algorithms over 500 times per year. The video below, featuring Eric Schmidt, the ex-CEO of Google, explains why they don’t give you this information.

But not all is lost. Google gives you some hints as to what’s important. 

Google even offers a guide to SEO best practices, just click here to download.

Google also offers a good overview about how search works which can be found here:

Click here to Watch

Ranking of your website has gotten extremely sophisticated from the days of content on the page and links to your site. Your site is now being evaluated on multiple interrelated and spatial factors.

If you want to make sure that Google categorizes your web pages correctly, you should use many different and related keywords that describe the topic of your website on your web pages. You should focus only one keyword to each page on your website and the overall focus of your website should be on one business type or product group. Google does evaluate keywords routed to one page relative to the other pages on your site. 

The more varied words related to your website topic that appear on your web pages, the easier it is for Google to categorize your pages. By doing so, your web pages will also be ready for Google's other algorithms that try to solve this problem.

Which web page elements are monitored by search engines? 

According to a recent patent, changes of the following web page elements can influence the position of the page in the search results:

Page Rank 

Google’s original patent, developed by Larry Page and Serge Brin was developed while they were still students at Stanford University. This patent focused solely on links to and from your site and the authority of these links. Google’s algorithms have gotten much more complex since then. 

“PageRank reflects our view of the importance of web pages by considering more than 500 million variables and 2 billion terms. Pages that we believe are important pages receive a higher PageRank and are more likely to appear at the top of the search results. PageRank also considers the importance of each page that casts a vote, as votes from some pages are considered to have greater value, thus giving the linked page greater value. We have always taken a pragmatic approach to help improve search quality and create useful products, and our technology uses the collective intelligence of the web to determine a page's importance.”

Pagerank Position

Factors Effecting Position 

Below are the results from a study conducted by SEOMoz, where they polled SEO experts and asked them the importance of various factors on page rank. In this study the experts modestly agreed on the numbers below and Google could change their algorithms at any time. Consider these as guidelines.


Very High Importance
High Importance 
Moderate Importance 
Low Importance
Very Low Importance

Positive Factors Effecting Position on the Page

On-Page (Keyword-Specific) Ranking Factors

1. Keyword Use Anywhere in the Title Tag

2. Keyword Use as the First Word(s) of the Title Tag

3. Keyword Use in the Root Domain Name (e.g.

4. Keyword Use Anywhere in the H1 Headline Tag

5. Keyword Use in Internal Link Anchor Text on the Page

6. Keyword Use in External Link Anchor Text on the Page

7. Keyword Use as the First Word(s) in the H1 Tag

8. Keyword Use in the First 50-100 Words in HTML on the Page

9. Keyword Use in the Subdomain Name (e.g.

10. Keyword Use in the Page Name URL

11. Keyword Use in the Page Folder URL

12. Keyword Use in other Headline Tags (h2 – h6)

13. Keyword Use in Image Alt Text

14. Keyword Use / Number of Repetitions in the HTML Text on the Page

15. Keyword Use in Image Names (e.g. keyword.jpg)

16. Keyword Use in b or strong Tags

17. Keyword Density Formula (# of Keywords ÷ Total # of Terms)

18. Keyword Use in List Items on the Page

19. Keyword Use in the Page’s Query Parameters

20. Keyword Use in i or em Tags

21. Keyword Use in the Meta Description Tag

22. Keyword Use in the Page’s File Extension

23. Keyword Use in Comment Tags in the HTML

24. Keyword Use in the Meta Keywords Tag

On-Page (Non-Keyword) Ranking Factors

1. Existence of Substantive, Unique Content on the Page

2. Recency (freshness) of Page Creation

3. Use of Links on the Page that Point to Other URLs on this Domain

4. Historical Content Changes (how often change were made)

5. Use of External-Pointing Links on the Page

6. Query Parameters in the URL vs. Static URL Format

7. Ratio of Code to Text in HTML

8. Existence of a Meta Description Tag

9. HTML Validation to W3C Standards

10. Use of Flash Elements (or other plug-in content)

11. Use of Advertising on the Page

12. Use of Google AdSense (specifically) on the Page

Page-Specific Link Popularity Ranking Factors

1. Keyword-Focused Anchor Text from External Links

2. External Link Popularity (quantity/quality of external links)

3. Diversity of Link Sources (links from many unique root domains)

4. Page-Specific TrustRank (page has earned links from trusted sources)

5. Iterative Algorithm-Based, Global Link Popularity (PageRank)

6. Topic-Specificity/Focus of External Link Sources

7. Keyword-Focused Anchor Text from Internal Links

8. Location of Information in the Site Hierarchy

9. Internal Link Popularity

10. Quantity & Quality of Nofollowed Links to the Page

11. Percent of Followed vs. Nofollowed Links that Point to the Page

Site-Wide Link-Based Ranking Factors

1. Trustworthiness Based on Link Distance from Trusted Domains

2. Link Popularity of the Domain Based on an Iterative Link Algorithm

3. Link Diversity Based on number/variety of root domains linking in)

4. Links from Hubs/Authorities in a Given Topic

5. Temporal Growth/Shrinkage of Links to the Domain

6. Links from Domains with Restricted Access (.edu, .gov, . mil)

7. Percent of Followed vs. Nofollowed Links that Point to the Domain

Site-Wide (non-link based) Ranking Factors

1. Site Architecture of the Domain (structure and hierarchy)

2. Use of External Links to Reputable, Trustworthy Sites/Pages

3. Length of Domain Registration

4. Domain Registration History (how long it’s been registered)

5. Server/Hosting Uptime

6. Hosting Information (domains hosted on the server/c-block)

7. Domain Registration Ownership Change

8. Inclusion of Feeds from the Domain in Google News

9. Use of XML Sitemap(s)

10. Domain Ownership (who registered the domain and their history)

11. Domain Registration with Google Local

12. Domain “Mentions” (text citations of the domain name)

13. Inclusion of Feeds from the Domain in Google Blog Search

14. Citations/References of the Domain in the Yahoo! Directory

15. Citations/References of the Domain in

16. Citations/References of the Domain in Wikipedia

17. Use of Feeds on the Domain

18. Citations/References of the Domain in

19. Domain Registration with Google Webmaster Tools

20. Activation of Google’s “Enhanced Image Search”

21. Use of Security Certificate on the Domain (for HTTPS transactions)

22. Validity of Listed Information from Domain Registration

23. Citations/References of the Domain in Google Knol Articles

24. Use of a Google Search Appliance on the Domain

25. Use of Google AdSense on the Domain

26. Use of Google AdWords for Ads Pointing to the Domain

27. Alexa Rank of the Domain

28. Rank of the Domain

29. Use of Google’s Hosted Web Apps on the Domain

Social Media/Social Graph Based Ranking Factors

1. Delicious Data About the Domain or Page

2. StumbleUpon Data About the Domain or Page

3. Twitter Data About the Domain or Page

4. LinkedIn Data About the Domain or Page

5. Facebook Data About the Domain or Page

6. MySpace Data About the Domain or Page

Usage Data Ranking Factors 

1. Historical Click-Through Rate from Search to the Exact Page/URL

2. Historical Click-Through Rate from Search to Pages on this Domain

3. Search Queries for the Domain Name or Associated Brand

4. Use of Query Refinement Post-Click on a Search Result

5. Average “Time on Page”

6. Data from Google’s SearchWiki Voting, Ratings, Comments

7. References/Links to the Domain in Gmail Emails

Geo-Targeting Factors:

1. Country Code TLD of the Root Domain

2. Language of the Content Used on the Site

3. Links from Other Domains Targeted to the Country/Region

4. Geographic Location of the Host IP Address of the Domain

5. Targeting by Google Engineers and/or Quality Raters

6. Geo-Targeting Preference Set Inside Google Webmaster Tools

7. Registration of the Site with Google Local in the Country/Region

8. Address in On-Page Text Content

9. Address Associated with the Registration of the Domain

10. Geographic Location of Visitors to the Site

11. Geo-Tagging of Pages via Meta Data

Negative Factors Effecting Position on the Page

Factors Negatively Affecting the Value of an External Link

1. Domain Banned from Google’s Index for Web Spam

2. Domain’s Rankings Penalized in Google for Web Spam

3. Link is Determined to be “Paid” Rather than Editorially Given

4. Domain Contains Links to a Significant Amount of Web Spam

5. Domain Has Not Earned Trusted Links

Ranking Factors (things you shouldn’t do, or let happen to you) 

1. Cloaking with Malicious/Manipulative Intent

2. Link Acquisition from Known Link Broker

3. Links from the Page to Web Spam Sites/Pages

4. Cloaking by User Agent

5. Frequent Server Downtime & Site Inaccessibility

6. Hiding Text with similar colored text/background

7. Links from the Domain to Web Spam Sites/Pages

8. Excessive Repetition of the Same Anchor Text to a Page

9. Cloaking by IP Address

10. Hiding Text outside the visible page area

11. Excessive Number of Dynamic Parameters in the URL

12. Excessive Links from Sites in the Same IP Address C-Block

13. Bait-and-Switch Campaigns (301’ing micro-sites, etc.)

14. Keyword Stuffing in the On-Page Text

15. Hiding Text with CSS (display:none) Styling

16. Keyword Stuffing in the Title Tag

17. Keyword Stuffing in the URL

18. Link Acquisition from Manipulative Widget/Badge Campaigns

19. Cloaking by JavaScript/Rich Media Support Detection

20. Cloaking by Cookie Detection

21. Link Acquisition from Low Quality Paid Directories

22. Excessive Links from Sites Owned by the Same Registrant

23. Links to the Page from Web Spam Sites/Pages

24. Links to the Domain from Web Spam Sites/Pages

25. Link Acquisition from Manipulative Viral Campaigns

26. Cloaking with Positive User Experience Intent

27. Over-Optimization of Internal Link Anchor Text

28. “Poison” Keywords in Anchor Text of External Links (e.g. viagra)

29. Link Acquisition from Buying Old Domains & Redirecting

30. Excessively Long URL

31. Use of Keyword-Rich Anchor Text Internal Links in Footers

32. Keyword Stuffing in the Meta Description Tag

33. Link Acquisition from Buying Domains and Adding Links

34. Overuse of No -follow on Internal Links for “PageRank Sculpting”

35. Forum Link Building (Signatures, Link Drops, etc.)

36. Excessively Long Title Tag

37. Keyword Stuffing in the Meta Keywords Tag


Cockups that can hurt your brand

Domain Names--------Wait! Look again. Cockups in domain choices.

Are you sure there are no dirty words hiding in the letters of longer words and their combinations?


Very Far from above:

IT Scrap

Who Represents?

Pen Island

Experts Exchange

Speed Of Art

North Of Boston Jewish Singles

Go Tahoe North

Les Bocages

American Scrap Metal

Master Bait Online

Therapist In a Box

Analemma Society

Therapist Finder

Winters Express

Swiss Bit

Dickson Web (now redirected to


Budget Cook Island

MP3s Hits

Kids Exchange

Choose Spain

Ben Dover

Bitef Art Cafe

Powergen Italia (accessible only via the Wayback Machine)

Cumbria Storage Systems (accessible only via the Wayback Machine)

Teachers Talking

La Drape

Children’s Wear

Mole Station Nursery (now redirected to

Old Man’s Haven – children’s laughter, now redirects to a hyphenated version of the url. (

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